Panzer appears in Relic Hunters Zero and Relic Hunters Legend!

About Panzer Edit

Although she's Jimmy's little sister, Panzer doesn't seem to care much about this whole rebellion and relic hunting thing. She behaves like a wild beast, being very aggressive and volatile!

Panzer wears Badger-themed pajamas and carries a flamethrower into battle. She is totally unpredictable and, in many ways, naïve. She has the curiosity and sense of freedom of a cat and will often disappear only to show up later in the most unexpected places.

Panzer usually only listens to her brother Jimmy, but Pinkyy has started to gain her confidence by exploiting Panzer's weak spot; chocolate fudge balls!

When she was a newborn, she and her brother Jimmy were adopted by a group of Anti-Ducan rebels. It didn't take too long for the siblings to demonstrate a spectacular aptitude for ruining the day for the Ducans!

While the members of their group got captured one by one, Jimmy and Panzer managed to stay out of the Ducan's clutches.

After a troubled encounter with Pinkyy and her team at Anubis-6, they joined forces with them to fight the sinister Commander Krek and his minions. Together they became the group currently known as the Relic Hunters.

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