With over a decade of games industry experience, Mark has seen it all, working independently and with publishers big and small. He also filled the role of Designer and Producer in Chroma Squad and Dungeonland, and in Relic Hunters Zero he coded the entire game from scratch. Loves games about shooting and/or looting, cooking, playing the guitar and his two rescue cats “Raj” and “Fuça”. His favorite character is Pinkyy!

He has worked with Betu on Relic Hunters Zero & Relic Hunters Legend.


  • H.I.V.E. (2009)
  • Dinomancer: Ghost In The Eggshell (2013)
  • Seal League Gravityball (2013)
  • Project Tilt (2013)
  • Boomerang Boy (2013)
  • Dungeonland (2013)
  • Adventure Company (2014)
  • The Unlikely Adventures of Peggy LeDig (2014)
  • Chroma Squad (2014)


  • Mark has Pinkyy tattoo on his right arm. It came from a bet with him and Betu.



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