Biu appears in Relic Hunters Zero and Relic Hunters Legend!

About Biu Edit


According to his own allegations, Biu is the Spaceheart's Science Officer. He prefers working out over reading boring books about geology, but is very keen on maintaining his "intellectual" persona, so he always keeps a book nearby to grab and pretend to be studying whenever someone's looking.

Biu has the strange ability to relocate the mass from his belly to other parts of his body, growing his arms to become stronger, or his legs to run faster. He also uses his trademark shield to protect the other Relic Hunters and turn the enemies' attacks back on them.

Biu likes to fight, to chill, to eat, to dance and to play the drums. He is the oldest member of the Relic Hunters and assumes the role of "wise mentor", offering advice and life lessons whenever the situation calls for it (and even when it doesn't!).

During a party on the planet (to which AcePinkyyRaff and he attended), he heard the group was planning on building a ship to gather scrap and junk to sell, and offered his services as a science officer.

Biu's past and his reasons for being on Anubis-3 when the Relic Hunters came together are still unknown.

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